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The “Unreasonable Effectiveness of Reason” and the Collapse of Classical Foundationalism

“Foundationalism has been the reigning theory of theories in the West since the high Middle Ages. It can be traced back as far as Aristotle… Aquinas offers one classic version of foundationalism. There is, he said, a body of propositions … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on Antinomian Preachers

“My friends the Antinomians preach exceedingly well  —and I cannot but believe that they do so with great earnestness—  concerning the mercy of Christ, forgiveness of sin, and other contents of the article of redemption. But they flee from this inference … Continue reading

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Origin and Limitation of the Satisfaction Theory of the Atonement:

I. ORIGIN OF THE SATISFACTION THEORY OF THE ATONEMENT (from Church historian Jaroslav Pelikan): “…the processions and the drama of the Middle Ages kept the motif of Christus Victor alive even when Latin theology was no longer able to deal … Continue reading

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Worship and Liturgy in the Later NT and Early Fathers

The following introductory overview of recent scholarship contains selected/thematic excerpts from: I. I. R. P. Martin, “Worship and Liturgy,” in Ralph P. Martin and Peter H. Davids, eds., Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments: A Compendium of … Continue reading

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I have heard there are demons. Can those be worse than men? …Between you, men, and us there gapes a broad abyss, and neither can we ever come to you, nor you to us. You do not have a sense … Continue reading

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The Laws of Thought: A Short Historiography of a Paradigm in Transition

From James Danaher, “The Laws of Thought,” The Philosopher, Volume LXXXXII No. 1. Western philosophy to a very large extent has been founded upon laws of thought. We believe that our thinking should strive to eliminate ideas that are vague, … Continue reading

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The Paradoxical Justice of God (St. Isaac the Syrian, Homily 60)

“The watchfulness of discernment is superior to every discipline of men accomplished in any way to any degree. Do not hate the sinner. For we are all laden with guilt. If for the sake of God you are moved to … Continue reading

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Freud’s Critique of Religion

The thesis of God as a “father-wish” originated with the publication of Sigmund Freud’s main critique of religion, The Future of an Illusion (1927). This thesis has been widely discussed and analyzed; only some highlights will be reproduced here. 1. … Continue reading

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Prof. Danny Shectman Receives Nobel Prize for New “Impossible” Form of Matter: Infinitely Variegated Quasicrystals

He was fired by two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. As of today he is the recipient of his own Nobel Prize for defending the very “impossible” form of matter he was fired over. His story of ridicule, ostracism, … Continue reading

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What is the Largest Number Representing Something Empirical?

What is the largest number representing something empirical? I am not asking a question concerning immense hypothetical numbers that do not actually represent some *thing* …such as googol (10^100), googolplex (10^googol), Graham’s Number, and Moser’s number. If you guessed it’s … Continue reading

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