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Did Luther Get It Wrong? Most Major Contemporary Pauline Scholars Say “Yes”

Luther’s understanding of the law was a keystone of his theology, and of much Protestant theology until the present century. In its essence it followed a view which originated in medieval Roman Catholicism (it is not found in first millennium … Continue reading

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Was the Tower of Babel a Ziggurat?

A cuneiform version of the familiar biblical story of the Tower of Babel from Sumer, the first civilization to appear in the ancient Near East, reads:  “The building of this tower (temple) highly offended the gods. In a night they … Continue reading

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Dikaiosyne Theou (The Righteousness of God) in Contemporary Biblical Scholarship

The following material is excerpted from the excellent discussion in K. I. Onesti and M. T. Brauch, “Righteousness, Righteousness of God,” in  Gerald Hawthorne, Ralph P. Martin, and Daniel G. Reid, eds., Dictionary of Paul and His Letters: A Compendium … Continue reading

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